Adding an extra layer of security to protect your sensitive information.

BuckeyePass is multi-factor authentication (MFA) service provided by Ohio State’s Office of Technology and Digital Innovation’s Digital Security and Trust team. It helps protect your account even if your password is stolen. Get started or manage your registered devices today!


BuckeyePass for The Ohio State University

BuckeyePass protects all Ohio State user identities and data on university devices, networks, infrastructure, and applications.

Phishing and identity theft crimes have increased in the higher education sector over the last several years and protecting your personal information and the university’s private data is Ohio State’s highest priority.

BuckeyePass for the Central Ohio Technical College

COTC has a long-standing relationship with Ohio State. As part of this partnership, COTC has contracted with Ohio State to provide IT services to the College. COTC users must register their devices and usernames in the COTC portal. Devices can be enrolled using the COTC Duo Device Management Portal.

Where and When?

Ohio State began adding BuckeyePass/Duo protection to critical systems in 2016. We are continually increasing the use of BuckeyePass to protect existing services and adding it to new services as appropriate.


All Ohio State users must register for the BuckeyePass service. We recommend registering more than one device so you have a back-up if your device is lost, stolen, broken or otherwise unavailable. BuckeyePass can be used in a number of ways:

Free Options for using BuckeyePass

  • Learn how to add and use these MFA options by viewing the Adding a Device(link is external) and Authenticating with BuckeyePass(link is external) job aids.
  • DUO App Duo Mobile – Installing Duo Mobile on your smartphone or tablet will give you two ways to authenticate: 1) through a push notification or 2) a code, which can be generated even without wireless or cellular access in the app.
  • Touch ID Apple Face ID and Touch ID – Available on supported MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads, Face ID and Touch ID must be enabled, and your iCloud Keychain must be configured on the device, before using these for MFA.
  • Android Passkey Android Passkey with fingerprint or face recognition – To use Android Passkeys with BuckeyePass, make sure you have an Android device that supports fingerprint or face unlock, and that these unlock methods are set up on your device.
  • Windows Hello Windows Hello – Available on compatible devices with the feature enabled and set up, Windows Hello can be used for BuckeyePass on supported browsers: Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Note: Chrome Incognito and Edge InPrivate browsing won't work with Windows Hello.
  • Passcode Passcodes via text – To request a passcode, select the “Send a new passcode” link when attempting to authenticate. This will send you a single use passcode via text message.

Additional Options For Purchase: Starting at $20

Choosing the Best Option for You

BuckeyePass Options Is a tablet or smartphone required? Can it be used for all Ohio State Duo systems? Can it be used for 2-Factor accounts outside Ohio State? No Additional Cost
Duo Mobile Push Yes Yes Yes Yes
Duo Mobile Passcode Yes No Yes Yes
Touch ID Passkey No Yes* Yes Yes
Face ID Passkey Yes Yes* Yes Yes
Android Passkey Yes Yes* Yes Yes
Windows Hello Passkey No Yes* Yes Yes
Security Key No Yes* Yes No
Hard Token No Yes No No
Passcode via Text Yes No No No

*Passkeys and Security Keys may be used to generate an alternative passcode for some systems that do not natively support these factors.

Want to add BuckeyePass to your system?

If you are a service owner who would like to add multifactor authentication to your own system, we can help you learn more about the deployment process.

BuckeyePass Integration Overview